Estate Agent Marketing Services

Our parent company, CP Creative Ltd., offers a wide variety of estate agent marketing services for proprietors and creatives across London and Suffolk, primarily centred around property photography.

Additional Property Marketing Services for Estate Agents

Beyond Lease Planners is a whole other world of property marketing services which our colleagues at CP Creative will happily provide!



Our sister company, CP Creative, is a dedicated property photography service with a phenomenally broad skill set and a passion for producing the highest quality images. CP Creative have specialised packages for homeowners, designers, retailers, and many more. We aim to provide the most cost effective service on the market, with our consistently great photography setting us apart from the competition. 

Interior Photography - Exterior Photography - Commercial Photography - Bespoke Photography - Design Photography - Drone Photography - Photo Editing 


Setting aside Lease Planners’ famous floor plans for Leases, HMOs, Premise Licences, etc, our CP Creative department offers amazing 2D and 3D floor plans to complement our property photography. CP Creative’s more aesthetically-driven approach to floor plans is just as useful and accurate as our excellently crafting Land Registry Lease Plans.


2D Marketing Floor Plans - 3D Marketing Floor Plans - Site Plans - Lease and Title Plans -  Specialist Floor Plans - Scaled Floor Plans

Design & Print

The in-house graphic design team at CP Creative are able to create eye-catching visuals to complement your property marketing. We aim to understand your marketing needs, from the targets you intend to reach to your brand’s overall image. We have plenty of experience in producing print and digital media. 

Brochure Design - Window Cards - Corporate Stationery - Company Branding - Marketing Campaigns - Corporate Design


Video & Tours

Film and video content can often be prohibitively expensive, so we aim to make our video tour packages accessible and cost effective to businesses of any size. Our videographers have experience in filming interiors and exteriors of properties, as well as surrounding areas. We offer cutting-edge panoramic virtual tours, which truly make you feel like you’re exploring every room of the property in real time. 


Property Videos - Local Area Videos - Marketing Videos - 360 Virtual Tours


Possibly our most innovative new service is producing intricately rendered Computer-Generated Imagery based on conceptual designs of various property types. When shown to the uninitiated, our CGIs are realistic enough to fool people into thinking that they’re real photographs, so we know we’re doing something right! CGI renders are the most effective way to bring a conceptual property to life as it allows clients to explore the virtual landscape at their leisure.

Interior CGIs - Exterior CGIs - CGI Floor Plans - Virtual Staging - Virtual Walkthroughs


Why Choose Lease Planners’ Estate Agent Marketing Services?

Whatever name we go by and for whichever specific resource we offer, Lease Planners and CP Creative guarantee the best quality property marketing services in the London and Suffolk areas. We offer high standards, keen attention to detail, friendly customer service and speedy turnaround times, as well as great existing relationships with countless clients and partner organisations.

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