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LAND REGISTRY lease plans

With many years of experience under our belt already, we here at Lease Planners have a deep understanding of the challenges and complexities of each project, yet we hope to guide our customers through a simple, straightforward process. For our highly-acclaimed surveys and drawn plans, we guarantee complete accuracy and compliance with government guidelines. 


Compliant Land Registry Lease Plans

Since updated legislation was officially brought into law in 2003, all Leasehold properties must have lease plans that comply with regulations set by the Land Registration Act 2002. Trying to formulate an accurate lease plan can be a confusing, difficult and intimidating task, but don’t worry - we will do most of the heavy lifting for you! 

 What is a
Land Registry Lease Plan?

Simply put, a Land Registry compliant Lease Plan is an application to keep the government and everybody else in the loop about who owns which properties, as well as all the grisly details like their size, layout, floor levels, etc. Our lease plans are compliant with the Land Registry, a department of the government that deals with monitoring land ownership across the nation. 

A lease plan primarily consists of a blueprint-style map of your property’s dimensions, seen from a top-down angle. This map has to be consistent with a government Ordnance Survey map, which documents the layout of everything else in the surrounding area (neighbouring houses, roads, fields, etc). The lease plan map should slot seamlessly into the Ordnance map like a piece of a jigsaw puzzle.

There are many Land Registry requirements for a lease plan application, we work with you to ensure these are met.

What Does a Land Registry Lease Plan Include?

Quote – A full quote will be provided when you first begin developing your lease plan with us. We will answer any questions you may have about your requirements beforehand.

Optional Full Site Survey – A member of our surveying team can arrange a visit to your property to see it for themselves before details for the lease plans are written up. They will inspect and measure every square inch, from the garden to the garage, while making sure that everything is drawn to an accurate scale.

Detailed Floor Plan – The planning process involves creating an accurate floor map of the entire property, measuring the length and width of the area as well as the number of floors, access points, garden space, boundary walls, and much more. Multiple large floor plans can be divided up into separated documents if necessary.

Diagram Sections – The floor map will be colour-coded to denote private areas, shared areas, communal areas, walkways, and the “demise” of the property, a.k.a. where the lease ends. Walls and extents are denoted by flat lines and edges, while different floor types are typically marked with hatching marks. 

Bar Scale – With the scale of the diagram being 1:1250 to 1:500, a bar scale should be included to indicate the metric measurements used in the picture. A larger scale may be necessary to properly depict intricate boundary walls and other small details. When gauging the size of the property, measurements are in metres to two decimal places. 

Contact Details – The document will be headed with the property’s full address and postcode, as well as the contact details of our sales department. 

Printed Copy – Once all the drafts have been approved and filtered through CAD (computer-aided design) production, we will post a printed copy of the lease plans to you, as well as email it as a PDF document. 

When is a Land
Registry Compliant
Lease Plan Needed?

First Time Leasehold Registry – According to government guidelines, you must register your land or property if you have either bought, inherited, mortgaged or otherwise received your property through some other exchange. A lease plan for more than seven years is only required if your property is designated as a Leasehold. For Freehold properties, you will instead need a Land Registry Title Plan.

Replacing Outdated Lease Plans – Getting a new lease plan booked with us can cover outdated information from any older lease plans that you may have in place. Times change and it is important to keep all documentation up to date for the Land Registry.

Freehold Conversion to Leasehold – Properties that were once listed as Freehold can indeed be converted into Leasehold sites. The most common example of a Freehold-Leasehold conversion is when a proprietor divides their land into smaller components, such as a block of flats.

Property Sales – If you intend to sell your property, an accurate lease plan gives potential buyers a clear understanding of the scale and layout of your property, as well as allow them to prepare for any maintenance issues that may arise. 

Ease of Further Applications – Keeping regularly updated lease or title plans helps ease the flow of the application process whenever the time comes for another round of it. It’s rarely one to look forward to, but having these plans in place with an experienced group like us can definitely reduce stress and will allow you to familiarise yourself with the proceedings!

Why Use Lease Planners
for Your Land Registry Lease Plans

Relevant Experience – We offer over a decade of experience in producing fully compliant lease plans, much to our clients’ continued satisfaction. We have worked alongside many esteemed organisations in various business sectors, such as solicitors, property developers, estate agents and marketers. Our catalogue of past professional clients includes:
Savills, Hopkins Homes, Berkeley Group, Winkworth, Portico, Catalyst, among many others

Lightning-Fast Turnaround – We aim to provide a fast and efficient service, with the whole process taking around a week to complete, should everything go smoothly. After you have booked with us, we will complete all necessary visits and checks on your property within 2-3 working days, then complete CAD (computer-aided design) production and send off the drafted lease plan documents over the course of a further 48-72 hours.

Competitive Pricing – We aim to be the most competitive lease planning organisation on the market and are always willing to adjust our prices to best suit our valued customers! We keep our prices completely transparent and fair to your needs.

Quality Customer Service – The quality of our customer service is renowned throughout London, Suffolk and beyond. We have been warmly noted for our responsiveness, efficiency and attentiveness to our customer’s needs and queries, leading to many recommending us as a first point of contact for anyone needing assistance with lease or title planning!

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