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The home of high-quality Land Registry compliant Title Plans! We aim to provide the fastest and most efficient service for drawing up and registering title plans for our customers’ properties. 

Land Registry Compliant Title Plans

As with our famous Lease Plans, our organisation’s Title Plans are needed to register your property with the Land Registry, the government organisation dedicated to documenting the ownership of land throughout the UK. 


Our experienced team of planners are busily measuring properties and land every single day across London, the South East and East Anglia for our wide range of customers. For an even cheaper price, title plans can also be produced without the need for a site visit, should you have existing, up-to-date plans for us to work from.

What is a Land Registry Title Plan?

Land Registry Compliant Title Plans are required to accurately identify and illustrate the boundaries of a Freehold property or Land, under rule 5 of the Land Registration Rules 2003. A title plan is a document used to determine the ownership of a property or piece of land. Title plans specifically apply to Freehold properties, rather than Leasehold properties which would instead require a lease plan (see Lease Plan page if this applies to your property).

A Freehold property is one that you fully own yourself - nobody else is renting it out to you, nobody else is responsible for its maintenance. You own the building itself, the land it stands on, and the immediate area surrounding it (including a small amount of air space above it). Think of it as an invisible 3D box surrounding your home. A title plan is needed to measure this area. 

Title plans have a greater emphasis on clearly marking boundaries, thoroughfares, access points, watercourses, as well as conveying a sense of how the property fits in with its general surroundings. The boundaries of the building are outlined in different colours; usually red for private areas, green for communal areas, and blue for transferable areas. Hatched shading on an area indicates parcels of land where easements, covenants and potential conflicts of ownership with other landowners may apply. 

Who is Likely to Require a Land Registry Title Plan?

Freehold Property Owners – As said above, Freehold property owners are most likely to require a Land Registry title plan. To recap, Freehold property is land that you fully own, with nobody else responsible for it but yourself. A title plan is necessary to deduce the parameters of where your private land begins and ends.

Proprietors Resolving Boundary Disputes – The Land Registry computer database should usually be enough to prove proof of land ownership (in theory), but title plans are always extremely useful for resolving more granular disputes that may be difficult to resolve with the Registry’s data alone.

Buyers and Sellers – For anyone buying a property, a detailed and accurate title plan from Lease Planners gives a clear picture of the property’s space, boundaries and complications to look out for when maintaining the estate, among other important details.

The Importance of Quality Title Plan Drawings

At Lease Planners, we take pride in the excellent quality of our title plan drawings. Inaccurate or poorly constructed title plans can be hugely detrimental as they will most likely be rejected at an early stage of submission, wasting both your time and that of the Land Registry officers. We make sure that every area, boundary and easement is clearly denoted, all while keeping within government guidelines. We (humbly) boast an extremely high compliance rate, so fear of rejection is no issue for us. 

Why use Lease Planners
for your Land Registry Title Plans?

Relevant Experience – We offer over a decade of experience in producing fully compliant lease plans, much to our clients’ continued satisfaction. We have worked alongside many esteemed organisations in various business sectors, such as solicitors, property developers, estate agents and marketers. Our catalogue of past professional clients includes: 

Savills, Hopkins Homes, Berkley Group, Winkworth, Portico, Catalyst, among many others. 

Lightning-Fast Turnaround – We aim to provide a fast and efficient service, with the whole process taking around a week to complete, should everything go smoothly. After you have booked with us, we will complete all necessary visits and checks on your property within 2-3 working days, then complete CAD (computer-aided design) production and send off the drafted title plan documents over the course of a further 48-72 hours. 

Competitive Pricing – We aim to be the most competitive lease planner organisation on the market and are always willing to adjust our prices to best suit our valued customers! We keep our prices completely transparent and fair to your needs. 

Quality Customer Service – The quality of our customer service is renowned throughout London, Suffolk and beyond. We have been warmly noted for our responsiveness, efficiency and attentiveness to our customers’ needs and queries, leading to many recommending us as a first point of contact for anyone needing assistance with lease or title planning!

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Get in Touch and Book a Title Plan Package Today

Need a Title Plan booked as soon as possible? Simply give us a call or send us your enquiry and a member of our team will get back to you with a quote and our recommendations for how to proceed.

You can find out more useful information about the guidelines for Land Registry compliant plans by clicking here.

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