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Drawing accurate Scaled Floor Plans can be a difficult task, but we at Lease Planners have the experience, equipment and expertise to provide accurate maps of all buildings great and small, with as much or as little detail as you require.

Scaled Floor Plan Specialists

An essential part of the process for crafting Lease Plans and Title Plans, Scaled Floor Plans provide a detailed layout of your property’s interior and exterior using our cutting-edge CAD (computer-aided design) rendering software. Floor plans can be applied to households, work environments, storage spaces, and anything in between. This page will attempt to show in more intricate detail what a floor plan fully entails.

What are Floor Plans? 

Floor plans map out the layout of a property as though it’s viewed directly from above. They should represent the property’s dimensions in a smaller yet accurate scale. Think of blueprints, except not blue. Floor plans are extremely useful for anyone to have and are often required for planning applications, boundary disputes, and for landlords or estate agents hoping to sell a property. 

A surprising amount of information can be packed into a floor plan, including but not limited to room layouts, permanent fixtures, appliances, doors, windows, fireplaces, beds and stairwells. As said, depending on your intended purposes for requesting a floor plan, you can control and modulate how much information is shared. Furthermore, we provide specialised floor plan services for HMO properties as well as lease plans and title plans. 

When are Scaled Floor Plans Required?

Property Sales – If you have plans to sell your property, landlords and estate agents may need a good floor plan in order to appeal to buyers. Floor plans give potential buyers a clear sense of the building’s scale and layout, which can be very relevant for maintenance. 

Household Mapping – We can provide floor maps of your home, displaying the locations of individual rooms, fixtures, appliances, windows, hallways and more. For HMO (House with Multiple Occupants) properties, we offer specialist services on that respective page. 

Workspace Mapping – Whether you have a spacious open plan office set up or a traditional row of cubicles, we can map out every desk, cabinet and divider that you have. Any other kind of work environment is perfectly acceptable, too.

Storage Space Mapping – When it comes to sheds, garages and warehouses, we hope that our thoroughly accurate measurements will answer any niggling questions like, “can my GT Continental fit in here?”

Public Space Mapping – Lease Planners have intimate experience in mapping for surgeries, schools, museums and various other public spaces. Safety, security and accessibility are paramount for these locations, which needs to be reflected in the floor plans that are drawn up.

Retail Space Mapping – Want to get another perspective on whether your shop is maximising attention and foot traffic from consumers? If so, book a retail floor plan with us. Research indicates that an attractive store layout can greatly increase your business’s appeal and revenue!

Parking Lot Mapping – While we may not be able to stop people from nicking your favourite parking space, we can accurately map out where that space sits in your business’s overall parking lot, among the rest of them. 

Exhibit Space Mapping – Whether you are hosting a wedding do, a conference or a marketing exhibition, stay organised with a detailed floor plan of the venue provided by us! 

Exterior Landscape Mapping – At Lease Planners, we know the value of outdoor spaces, so we take the same meticulous approach to planning exteriors as we do for interiors. We can draw up plans for gardens, patios and driveways. 

What’s Included in a Scaled Floor Plan Drawing?

Scale Measurement – Scaled floor plan drawings can depict any reasonable scale so long as the result accurately reflects the real property’s dimensions. You can see the exact scale ratio included above the map drawing.

Bar Scale – A line representing a bar scale with the correct ratio should be included on the side to give the viewer a good frame of reference to the dimensions of the floor plan when converted to a smaller scale drawing. A larger scale may occasionally be necessary to properly depict intricate boundary walls and other small details.

Optional Site Survey – Before details for the floor plans are drawn up, we can offer for a member of our experienced property surveyors to arrange a visit to your site and get a feel for the area themselves. Alternatively, you can simply mail us all the details you think we need for a cheaper price.

Detailed Floor Plan – The planning process involves creating an accurate floor map of the entire property, measuring the length and width of the area as well as the number of floors, access points, garden space, boundary walls, and much more. Multiple large floor plans can be divided up onto separated documents if necessary.

Diagram Sections – The floor map will be colour-coded to denote private areas, shared areas, communal areas, walkways, and the demise of the property. Walls and extents are denoted by flat lines and edges, while different floor types are typically marked with hatching marks

Contact Details – The document will be headed with the property’s full address and postcode, as well as the contact details of our sales department.

Printed Copy – Once all the drafts have been approved and filtered through CAD (computer-aided design) production, we will post a printed copy of the floor plans to you, as well as email it as a PDF document. 

Why use Lease Planners for your Scaled Floor Plans?

Relevant Experience – We offer over a decade of experience in producing fully compliant floor plans, much to our clients’ continued satisfaction. We have worked alongside many esteemed organisations in various business sectors, such as solicitors, property developers, estate agents and marketers. Our catalogue of past professional clients includes:

Savills, Hopkins Homes, Berkley Group, Winkworth, Portico, Catalyst, among many others. 

Lightning-Fast Turnaround – We aim to provide a fast and efficient service, with the whole process taking around a week to complete, should everything go smoothly. After you have booked with us, we will complete all necessary visits and checks on your property within 2-3 working days, then complete CAD (computer-aided design) production and send off the drafted floor plan documents over the course of a further 48-72 hours.

Competitive Pricing – We aim to be the most competitive lease planning organisation on the market and are always willing to adjust our prices to best suit our valued customers! We keep our prices completely transparent and fair to your needs.  

Quality Customer Service – The quality of our customer service is renowned throughout London, Suffolk and beyond. We have been warmly noted for our responsiveness, efficiency and attentiveness to our customers’ needs and queries, leading to many recommending us as a first point of contact for anyone needing assistance with floor planning!

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Get in Touch and Book a Scaled Floor Plan Package Today

Need a property survey visit, or would prefer to give us the details yourself? In any case, simply give us a call or send us your enquiry and a member of our team will get back to you as soon as possible. 

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