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Premises Licence Floor Plans

Since the Licensing Act 2003 was introduced, changes to the policies over the years have led to the necessity for a presentable Licensing Act Floor Plan when certain businesses apply for a licence. At Lease Planners, we offer high-quality Premises Licence Floor Plan packages for alcohol-supplying businesses across the Suffolk and London areas. If you have a plan drawn up with us, we guarantee full compliance with the legislation’s requirements! 

Alcohol Licensing Floor Plans in London, the South East and East Anglia

For drinking establishments throughout East Anglia, South East England and the Greater London area, we’re here to help with the formulation of any Licensing Floor Plan you may require! Various business types are required by law to present a valid, authorised floor plan before operating, which can then be viewed by local authorities and public services. 

As is only appropriate for businesses selling alcohol, which can be highly volatile, Licence Floor Plans heavily emphasise fire safety precautions for the wellbeing of all employees and customers, with crystal clear denotation of equipment and fire exit points. 

What is a Premises Licence Floor Plan?

A Premises Licence Floor Plan is similar to other Lease Plan packages, except specifically for the Business Premise Licence application process. They comprehensively map the layout of a building, complete with markers for the areas where alcoholic drinks are meant to be sold and drank (a.k.a. “licensable areas”).

What do Business Premises Licence Plan Drawings Include?

Quote – A full quote will be provided when you first begin developing your floor plan drawing with us. We will answer any questions you may have about your requirements beforehand.

Optional Full Site Survey – A member of our surveying team can arrange a visit to your property to see it for themselves before details for the floor plans are written up. They will inspect and take measurements, while making sure that everything is drawn to an accurate scale. 


Detailed Floor Plan – The planning process involves creating an accurate floor map of the entire property, measuring the length and width of the area as well as the number of floors, fixtures, public conveniences, access points, garden spaces, boundary walls, and much more. Multiple large floor plans can be divided up onto separate documents if necessary.

Fire Safety Information – All of the fire prevention methods within the property are extensively covered in the floor plans, namely fire escape routes, fire blankets, extinguishers, smoke detectors and emergency lights. Premises Licence Floor Plans include more detailed markers for each type of safety implement. 

Alcohol-Dispensing Areas – Floor plans for drinking establishments contain red outlines for the public areas where alcohol is dispensed to the customers and supposed to be consumed, e.g. bars and seating areas. 

Platforms and Stages – Licence Floor Plans can depict raised platforms and stages in pubs, clubs and concert venues, which are usually indicated by hatched and shaded sections.

Bar Scale – A bar scale will be included along the right side of the graph to give a clear frame of reference for the measurements used in the picture. The recommended ratio scale of the diagram is 1:100. A larger scale may be necessary to properly depict boundary walls and partitions. When gauging the size of the property, measurements are in metres to two decimal places. 

Capacity Calculations – For an additional fee, your Licence Act Floor Plan package can include calculations of floor capacity for each individual room or area, showing a good estimate of how many people could comfortably fit into the floor space provided.

Contact Details – The document will be headed with the date, the property’s full address and the postcode, as well as the contact details of our sales department.

Printed Copy – Once all the drafts have been approved and filtered through CAD (computer-aided design) production, we will post a printed copy of the lease plans to you, as well as email it as a PDF document. 

Are Premises Licence Plans a Legal Requirement?

These are the following businesses that would legally require an approved Premises Licence Plan.

Pubs – From humble locals to expansive franchises, we can provide detailed floor schematics to Great British pubs of any size!

Bars – Similarly, any smaller and trendier bars in metropolitan areas are required to have a Licence Plan in place. 

Nightclubs – “What happens on tour, stays on tour”… Though in the case of a Licensing Act Floor Plan, a few people will have to know about it. For clubs, we can indicate the locations of the bars, dancefloors, DJ stages, exclusive areas, and more.

Restaurants – Some cafes, restaurants and eateries that supply alcoholic beverages can have their drinking areas marked. In the annotations next to the main diagram, we can also clearly explain any curfews your business may have for when alcohol can be sold, e.g. late at night.

Hotels – Hotels are used as venues for many large gatherings, occasionally with drinks being served at the restaurant bar, so a Licence Floor Plan will be necessary for hotels that have these facilities.

Live music events – Concerts can be wild and unpredictable, but the floor plan of the venue certainly doesn’t have to be. Sorting a Premises Floor Plan can maximise the safety and security for everybody attending the event.

Wedding venues – For any kind of wedding venue, from marquees to luxury suites, we want to ensure the comfort and safety of the locale, not just for the couple on their special day, but for every other attendee and staff member! 

Beer gardens – We can make plans for outdoor drinking spaces as well! The same principles from mapping out exterior spaces within the boundaries of other properties apply to beer gardens in their entirety. 

Cider houses – Small shacks exclusively for cider lovers still thrive across the UK. While there may not be much space for large crowds, a floor plan of the primary room can still be a great help!

 Further Information on the Licensing Act 2003?

Have some more questions? For some more in-depth information relating to the Licensing Act 2003, follow the below link to the government website page covering the topic. - -

Why Choose Lease Planners for Your Premises Licence Floor Plans?

Relevant Experience – We offer over a decade of experience in producing fully compliant floor plans, much to our clients’ continued satisfaction. We have expertise in conforming to Local Authorities’ guidelines when drawing up floor plans for the properties of businesses that sell alcohol.

Great Relationships with Clients – We have worked alongside many esteemed organisations in various business sectors, such as solicitors, property developers, estate agents and marketers. Our catalogue of past professional clients includes: Savills, Hopkins Homes, Berkley Group, Winkworth, Portico, Catalyst… among many others


Lightning-Fast Turnaround – We aim to provide a fast and efficient service, with the whole process taking around a week to complete, should everything go smoothly. After you have booked with us, we will complete all necessary visits and checks on your property within 2-3 working days, then complete CAD (computer-aided design) production and send off the drafted floor plan documents over the course of a further 48-72 hours.

Competitive Pricing – We aim to be the most competitive lease planning organisation on the market and are always willing to adjust our prices to best suit our valued customers! We keep our prices completely transparent and fair to your needs. 

Quality Customer Service – The quality of our customer service is renowned throughout London, Suffolk and beyond. We have been warmly noted for our responsiveness, efficiency and attentiveness to our customers’ needs and queries, leading to many recommending us as a first point of contact for anyone needing assistance with floor planning!

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Get in Touch and Book a Licensing Act Floor Plan Package Today

Whether you prefer a property survey visit for a Licence Floor Plan or to simply give us the details yourself, simply give us a call or send us your enquiry and a member of our team will get back to you about the planning packages that are available.

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